Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end – that much is true. Every civilization always manages to reach its peak, and then go through its demise. I don’t mean to be some kind of messenger of doom, but unfortunately that is the way it has been and if we’ve learned anything as human beings, it should be that history tends to repeat itself.

Here is an analogy that unfortunately applies to America, the country: It’s like you’re building this skyscraper of laws, values, and civilization, and you happen to start out with a pretty solid foundation (not perfect by any means, but strong enough to hold its own for a while). However, somewhere along the line, as you build higher and higher and add more and more floors, you realize you want to please everyone, and you want everyone to be able to do what they think is right in their own eyes. All of a sudden, certain aspects of the foundation are now oppressive, or archaic, and no longer convenient, so you decide to pluck out those parts. And the higher you build, the more of the foundation you take out. Now, you don’t have to be an engineer to guess what will happen to that skyscraper next.

Civilizations rise through painstaking diligence, hard work, and sacrifices, and yet they fall for often relatively simple reasons. Why is that? They forget about the fundamentals, and begin to base everything and every decision on secondary matters and values. They get carried away with superficially pleasing everyone and everything, and begin to over-define their core values until they no longer hold any true meanings.

Take Rome for instance. Rome rose in greatness and might, and the empire claimed a large portion of the earth. But, the fall of Rome is something that still confounds a lot of scholars. One popular statement that does have a ring of truth to it, is that Rome fell because of their preoccupation with bread and circuses (panem et circenses). This just means that they became more concerned with trivial matters, so that it seemed like as long as they were fed and entertained, they didn’t care much or do much about the actual strength of the empire. Is this not what is kinda happening in America today? Before you say “no”, just take a moment to really think about it. Yes, it’s not about “bread and circuses” per se, but it’s about very analogous, and similarly inconsequential obsessions.

Also think about what happened to the people of Israel in the book of Judges – each man did as he saw fit in his eyes, and that only led to the disintegration of the nation of Israel. Unfortunately, we have reached that point in this nation. We have reached a point where people can comfortably say things like, “my truth is my truth, and your truth is yours” or “just do what feels right,” and so on. If you happen to read the book of Judges from beginning to end, you will see that at the end of almost every chapter it says “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” And if you know anything about the nation of Israel at that time, you will understand that this was NOT a good thing. It was not the ultimate victory in a fight for individuality and self-expression, it was just a clear pathway to destruction.

So, what am I really saying? I’m not saying there is no hope and that everyone and everything is just going to destruction. No. I’m just saying that we need to be conscious of what’s happening. We need to be conscious of the fact that America has ceased to be, or will soon cease to be THE world power. We need to be cognizant of the fact that this civilization has peaked, and we need to think of ways to make sure that its demise is not catastrophic. And Christians in this nation need to reconsider what the Bible says in Jude 22-23, because guess what? The fire has been lit.



  1. True talk! It’s a cycle that man has always taken and would always take because our natural evolution is always never about our inward traits of selfishness and other fruits of the flesh. Only the transformative power of Christ in us can keep any civilization but as long as people keep rejecting this gospel, the cycles will continue until the Lord returns.

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