The Hypocrisy of Tolerance

“What price tolerance if the intolerant are not tolerated also?” – Salman Rushdie

These days there are a lot of movements for tolerance in the society. And sometimes I feel that people get carried away and lose the real essence/basis of their activism. Right now, I will use gay rights activist to illustrate what I mean – just because it’s one of the biggest causes in U.S. at the moment. The idea is for those beliefs and convictions to be accepted by the society. Yet, majority of the activists are always ready and eager to bully into silence and passivity anyone who has contradictory beliefs and convictions.

These days, one fears that if one speaks against lgbtq rights in any way at all, one may be lynched by a mob drunk with indignation. Yet we are encouraged to speak out for the lgbtq community – no, not even “encouraged,” because “harassed” is a better suited word for what sometimes happens.

If you doubt me at all, think about it from the point of view of a celebrity who depends on an image and popularity for a living. No celebrity who wants to stay loved and popular (not infamous or defamed or obscured) would ever confess to having beliefs that do not completely support that community. And if they dare speak out on those convictions, they would immediately be bad-mouthed, hated, bullied, and pressured by about 70 percent of America.

One thing I will say to any activist of any kind is this: even as you fight for this to be accepted, and for that to be accepted, just reexamine yourself and your reasons. When you claim to fight for tolerance, make sure you’re not fighting for your own beliefs to be the supreme one, which ultimately replaces whatever is, was, or could have been. Don’t make it seem like you’re fighting for tolerance, when what you really want is dominance.


11 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Tolerance

  1. Its actually very annoying.So much so that countries around the world are ‘expected’ to tow the same line with America!

  2. There is a constant need for dominance in society to the point where it becomes oppressive for other views. There is always that one opinion that is upheld over the others. It’s ironic how the current world view is demanding that we welcome ALL world views, ignoring the fact that most world views debunk each other. It’s wordy but I hope you get my meaning

    1. I definitely do get your meaning! You’re right – all the views can;t coexist if everyone tries to gain dominance. Even the notion of coexisting is a view in itself that demands dominance to even be valid and therefore does not allow people to exist who don’t want to coexist. Lol, now I’m the one who is worried about my convoluted wording.

  3. I completely agree. I’ve often been attacked for my views on gay rights in the name of tolerance but its not tolerance they are fighting for its acceptance and like you said dominance. The media has made it their job to put their views on gay rights and pin Christians as the enemy or idiots and very soon we will be persecuted for our beliefs at this rate.

    1. Yeah, the persecution has been and is still happening. It’s weird how some people claim to fight for tolerance and coexisting, yet in the same breath condemn anyone with strong and opposing views as the bully or the intellectually lazy close-minded bunch.

  4. Deep philosophical thoughts. This “tolerance” has always been the way society has evolved over the years. From apartheid to female empowerment, ideologies start out from appealing to be tolerated, then evolve to become dominant.

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