Back from a long Hiatus…

…and I have more to say than ever.

But, I feel I must say something about my long absence. It’s been two years since my last post, and even that came after a few months of absence from the blog-o-sphere. So, here it is: I am in graduate school now, pursuing a PhD in Literatures-in-English. The first year was hell for sure, and by the second year I had adjusted a bit, but it was still hell. The first two years I think might be the most hectic/demanding portion of my graduate education. I have tried to be aware of my limits and not take on more commitments than I have time for, and unfortunately that meant keeping away from this blog! 😥

I am back now, and I will be sticking it out from now on #fingerscrossed. I have a really long list of books (120, to be precise) to read for my comprehensive exams, and I plan to discuss some of them here. Also, the world has so many new, messed up, and puzzling events going on right now, my mind is bursting from all these thoughts and I can’t wait to parse them out on this blog.

I hope you will all come back to read about my books and (be)musings! And, if you’re new here, you’re just in time. Welcome!


3 thoughts on “Back from a long Hiatus…

  1. Welcome back. Time flies. Sometimes we get really busy and as life happens, every now and then we get reminded of what really matters to us. I guess whatever life throws at us we still find our way back to the things we really love. Its great to have you back. Keep on writing. See you at the top!

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